ST is better than LT rentals

Because STRs are reviewed by users, the owners have a much greater incentive to keep the property looking nice, the quests in check, and the neighbors happy. This is not the case with LTR. Our neighbor has rented their house out and now lives out of state. The tenant is responsible for maintaining the lawn so you can imagine how that's going. The point is, that the property will be better maintained when there is an active vested interest in it. Owner occupied and STRs have vested interests. LTRs only get vested when there is turnover.

I also think it's a good idea to have STRs owned by locals who have boots on the ground and are invested in the community. As we look to retirement, the ADL option is definitely one that would afford us the opportunity to age in place. Without it, we'll probably move where the taxes are lower & SS is not taxed.

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