STRs concerns in Multi-Family housing and % of STRs how to control

I purchased a Duplex, the area I live in has a combination of single family homes, duplexes and townhouses. It is a densely populated area due to the number of over all units within the area.

I feel STRs will devalue the property I worked hard to purchase, own and maintain.

I currently have long term renters in the duplex next to me and have struggled even with this. 4 individuals rent the same residence and have different leases - short term and long term. The change over is very frequent and I don't know who is next door. The work schedules varies and their visitors vary which brings people to the door at all hours of the night - with my labrador barking as we can hear the neighbors doors and doorbell. Parking each individual has their own car and parking is a problem for both myself - my driveway gets blocked, my post office box is blocked and postman has to stop in the middle of the road to get out to delivery mail and walk around the cars to get to the Box.

My neighborhood does have STRs and LTRs. They devalue the neighborhood and feel. These renters are not interested in getting to know their neighbors. Block parties are not participated in, people don't look out of each other - packages at the door, borrow cup of sugar, etc. They don't maintain the property the same as home owners. Most of the home owners are remote enough, or pass the responsibility to the renter. The property itself is not maintained to the level a homeowner, who lives in their property would.

The STRs need to be restricted, managed and % of overall within a particular area, as to not off set the number of homeowners living in their properities.

Pets the STRs and LTRs bring pets and I have found more than the usual number of pets. STRs moving their pets with them, makes it stressful for the pet and the behavior of the pet is more likely to be fearful, stressed and not friendly due to their unfamiliar circumstances. When I walk my dog, we great the STR at the duplex front porch it can be difficult and sometimes aggressive.

Lafayette is very close to many colleges in the area and the housing market in Boulder is getting more unaffordable. Therefore the college age and their friends are renting more STRs and LTRs, in our area. Which creates its own set of problems due to the demographic.

Lafayette planning committee needs to look at alternatives - such as Tiny House development where the rules and expectations can be set initially with STRs and LTRs and homeowners. If I purchased my house knowing I would be living next to STRs or LTRs, then I had the choice to not purchase this residence.

The bigger issue that needs to be addressed is affordable Long Term housing for our residence who can't afford a home. The mobile home parks are shrinking or being removed. Where do the people that support our community and work in our expanding restaurants and downtown area live? STRs is not affordable for these and generally not even LTRs as the price is driven to high.

Manage STRs, and LTRs with permits - compliant board and % of STRs and LTRs within an area.


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